Welcome to the Professional Engineers' Club (Exeter).


Latest News (-in last month or so)

On 9th November 2020 the club held a regular meeting online for the first time. 20 members attended. After the usual attention to club business, Martyn gave an interesting presentation on his life as a highway engineer, with particular emphasis on maintenance of the M4 in South Wales. Martyn illustrated his talk with slides, and quite a few amusing anecdotes including a rugby player on the maintenance team tackling (literally) sheep on the central reservation. Another included a police car pulling in front of a gritter to stop it, with unfortunate consequences for the police car. There was much more, and Barry will no doubt cover it in his next monthly report. As before, thanks to Ken for facilitating the meeting.

See our Presenter Guide for ideas on how to put together an online presentation.

See our News Archive for previous entries.

Forthcoming events

Regular meetings will resume and be held online on the second Monday of each month, until it is safe to return to a live venue. The 9th November meeting showed that is quite feasible to have meetings online. The next meeting will be on Monday 14th December 2020. Details to follow.

   The Club was founded in 1986 as the Retired Chartered Engineers' Club to provide a social meeting place for retired and semi retired professional engineers and a means of keeping in touch with achievements and developments in engineering (see our Constitution). The Club has links with other organisations including the University of Exeter where it presents the Flux Award, in memory of our founder Robert W. Flux FIEE, to the student making the best oral presentation of a project.

   Membership is open to Retired or Semi-retired Engineers and related professionals resident in the South West and currently includes more than 50 representatives from the Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Communications, Gas, Marine, Mechanical, Petroleum, Structural and other disciplines. Prospective members are welcomed as guests at Club events.

For further membership information please contact us at honsec@rcec.co.uk . You can also download a membership application form here:   

   Members assemble from 10.00am for an informal tea or coffee and the meeting starts promptly at 10.30am when short reports concerning Club business are presented by the committee. This is followed by a talk of approximately 40 - 60 minutes on a subject of engineering interest usually given by invited speakers or sometimes by members. Topics have been as diverse as nuclear fusion reactors and Roman aqueducts.
   Social events take place throughout the year and technical visits are arranged for the summer months.
  The Heritage Trail section researches the achievements of engineers with local connections and where appropriate arranges for the erection of plaques in their memory.

   There are Clubs similar to ours in other areas of the UK and a list of those known to us may be reached via the LINKS page