Meetings are held in the ISCA Centre, Summer Lane, Whipton, Exeter EX4 8NT and start at 10:30am on the 2nd Monday of the month. Members' meetings are private but if you would like to attend please contact the RCEC Secretary on 01392 277661 or



13 Jun 2016

“How Does a Bank Note Dispenser Work?” - Allan Barber (RCEC Member)

Previously with DeLaRue Cash Systems Division, Basingstoke, Allan will describe the engineering challenges in the development of bank note feed mechanisms used inside ATM Dispensers. 

11 Jul 2015

“Touching History” Difficult Access Engineering - Kimble West, Xiead Ltd.

A talk about the world of difficult access engineering using core access skills of Rope Access, Commercial Diving and Confined Space Entry.

8 August 2016

“Maritime Shortcuts Locally and Worldwide” - Colin Vosper

A well illustrated talk examining the amazing endeavours of the canal builders to find four major routes across the SW peninsular to avoid the dangerous seas off Land's End. Plus Suez and Panama canals.

12 Sep 2016

“Exoplanets.” - Prof. David Sing, Exeter University

Research into transiting exoplanets such as the extraordinary planets HD209458b and HD189733b will be presented. Results of studies has produced detailed information about the planets such as composition, temperature and atmosphere.

10 Oct 2016

“Fate of Chemicals” - Dr John Boyle, RCEC Member

14 Nov 2016

“Graphene” - David Horsell, Exeter University

The talk will cover recent discoveries made about graphene and its wide ranging potential applications, from next generation computers to ultrasensitive bio-sensors.

12 Dec 2016

“Exeter Cathederal Renovation” - Peter Dare

An illustrated talk on the restoration and conservation of Exeter Cathederal, from the quarry to the construction. By the master mason of that period.

9 Jan 2017

“The Story of Southampton Docks” - Nigel Overton (Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery)

Covering the development of the Victorain Eastern Docks, on reclaimed land at the confluence of the Rivers Test and Itchen, followed by the ambitious construction of the deep water Western Docks by the Southern Railway.

13 Feb 2017

“How it Used to Be” - Barry Hayden (member)

13 Mar 2017

“Underfall Yard- the machines that floated Bristol's Harbour” - Rachel Gollin, Workshop Manager, Underfall Yard Trust

10 Apr 2017

“Building an Airfield on the Falkland Islands” - Tony Fryer

Following the departure of the Argentines, the Thatcher Government ordered the building of a military and civilian airfield to deter the return of the Argentines and to protect the UK share of Antartica. The logistic problems which were massive were made more difficult by the need for urgency.

8 May 2017

AGM and “Egypt Revisited” - Garth Flint (member)

12 Jun 2017


The Speakers Secretary would be pleased to receive suggestions of subjects for talks -  If you have attended a talk that you think would be suitable, please contact the organiser for the speaker for details including the speaker's fee.