From November 2018 meetings will be held in the Exeter Golf and Country Club, Topsham Road, Exeter and start at 10:30am prompt on the 2nd Monday of the month. The meeting room is indicated (D) Duckworth,(M) Mews or (T) Topsham. A map can be found at EGCCmap Members' meetings are private but if you would like to attend please contact the RCEC Secretary on 01803 553691 or If you would like to view the past meetings for 2017 see our 2017 programme)

For more details of visits see emails from the visits secretary or the visits page in the members section.

Date Type Description
9 July 2018 Meeting Electric cars, talk by Geoff Pettinger (member)
13 Aug 2018 Meeting Richard Holladay on 'The History of the Garton & King Iron Foundry, Exeter
10 Sept 2018 Meeting Kimble West ‘The engineering inspection of difficult locations.’
8 Oct 2018 Meeting Future Venues discussion, followed by Rodney Battey ‘Something about bridges’
17 Oct 2018 VISIT Lidl Distribution Centre - see member pages
12 Nov 2018 Meeting (D) David ‘Oily Rag’ Pilkington ‘The restoration of an Alfa Romeo P3’
22 Nov 2018 Thursday LUNCH Chairman’s Lunch,Langstone Cliff Hotel at Dawlish Warren. See Ken's email for details.
25 Nov 2018 Sunday VISIT Coldharbour Mill - see members' pages for details
10 Dec 2018 Meeting (D) Dr. David Kernick ‘Rationing health care in the NHS - the rhetoric and the reality’
14 Jan 2019 Meeting(D) Michael Pitkeathly ‘Living in a nuclear submarine’
11 Feb 2019 Meeting(M) Andy Robinson - Voyager: The Vision, The Achievement, The Legacy
28 Feb 2019 LUNCH Lunch at the Lamb Inn at Longdown.
11 Mar 2019 Meeting(D) Mark Maynard - ‘Repairs and strengthening works to the M5 bridge over the River Exe’
8 Apr 2019 Meeting(M) Peter Marsden - Cesspits, Cemeteries and Sewers - Adventures in Archaeology
13 May 2019 Meeting(M) John Smith - Roman Army in Exeter, Finds, Facts and Fiction
10 Jun 2019 Meeting(D) to be advised
8 July 2019 Meeting(D) Robert Crawley - Restoration of a 1929 Exeter Corporation Bus
12 August 2019 Meeting(M) to be advised
9 September 2019 Meeting(M) Alison Langmead - ‘The Legal Aspects of Securing Water Resources’
14 October 2019 Meeting(D) to be advised
11 November 2019 Meeting(M) Christopher Ackland and Hamish Hall - Moving the River Exe at Colleton Mill’
9 December 2019 Meeting(M) to be advised