DEBATE on 10 January 2022

This page has been created to show some of the sides and images from the January 2022 debate. The Government's 10 points are as follows:

Point 1: Advancing offshore wind
Point 2: Driving the growth of low carbon hydrogen
Point 3: Delivering new and advanced nuclear power
Point 4: Accelerating the shift to zero emission vehicles
Point 5: Green public transport, cycling and walking
Point 6: Jet zero and green ships
Point 7: Greener buildings
Point 8: Investing in carbon capture, usage and storage
Point 9: Protecting our natural environment
Point 10: Green finance and innovation

The Debate

Point 4 - zero emission vehicles - Andrew Webb spoke about his experience owning an electric car - in very positive terms. See below for slides.

Point 5 - Green public transport, cycling and walking - Peter Phillips spoke about personal experience using green transport from childhood and pointed out that electric traction has been around for 120 years. See his talk here: Peter's talk

Point 7 - Greener buildings - Geoff Pettinger. Geoff's presentation looked at the Government's initiatives for greener buildings,including heat pumps. See below for slides.

Andrew's and Geoff's slides can be seen here Andrew and Geoff's Presentation slides

Point 8 - Carbon capture - Barry Hayden. Barry's presentation can be seen here Barry's talk

This recent YouTube recording which looks at carbon capture is in support of Barry’s talk,"Net zero: facts, theory, and wishful thinking" given by Dr. James Dyke on 8th December 2021. The talk was arranged by the University of Exeter’s College of Life and Environmental Sciences. Try this link:

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