This website does not hold any personal information on members. The Member section is purely for member's information such as visit details, lunch arrangements etc and does not contain any personal location or email address database. The website has a TSL (successor to SSL) encryption certificate valid until 21 April 2021, which should be automatically renewed at that time.

No credit card or other financial information should be sent via this web site. Any payment to the Professional Engineers' Club Exeter should be made by arrangement with the secretary or treasurer. New members may pay by cheque by post to the treasurer, or at the first meeting attended. Arrangements for bank transfer payments can be made directly with the treasurer.

This site contains email contact and membership forms that are convenient for the user. The contact form requires only an email address and message, but the membership form allows for email and location detail to be provided. You need not add your address on this form as the secretary will contact you, but it would be helpful if you could give at least the first (area) characters of your post code.

When you have completed the forms and clicked "send", a draft email message will appear in your own email software ready to be sent to the club secretary. You should then click reset on the form to clear the data.

Alternative membership forms are available for download from the home page, in pdf and MS Word format. You can either email or post these when complete, but it would be helful if you would use the contact form first to let the secretary know that you wish to join and intend to send the membership form.