Engineering Clubs

This list was compiled from one on the website of the RPEC in Bristol. The Bristol Club is no longer in existence, therefore the information above is likely to be out-of-date.

Western Power Electricity Historical Society

The WPEHS is based in Bristol but serves the whole South West see web site

Bristol, Retired Professional Engineers' Club, now defunct.

Newbury Area Mechanicals Luncheon Club - Mr J A Pearson, 01635 253013
Reading Area Mechanicals Luncheon Club - Mr J Barnes, 0118 9790692

Chiltern Area Retired Engineers' Club - Mr M Taylor, 01494 726052

Retired Members Section, Institute of Physics - Prof D W Hill, 01814 401593

Society of Retired Chartered Engineers in Kent (SREK) - Dr F Charlwood,

Retired Members, London and SE Branch, Institute of Physics - Mr L Freedman, 0181 3607154

Oxford Area Retired Professional Engineers - Mr R Bond, 01235 767577

IEE Retired Members Section - Mr D J Ryder - 01252 871362

Worthing, Retired Chartered Engineers' Association -

Tyne & Wear
Retired Engineers' Section IEE NE Centre - Mr R W Tindale, 01914 205368

Wiltshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, Isle of Wight, Dorset, Surrey and East Sussex
Southern Retired Chartered Engineers (Construction Institutions)  - Mr Jeffrey Williams 023-8089-7078,

We would be pleased to publish contact information for other similar organisations on this page.