Meetings will be held in the Bridge Room of the Exeter Golf and Country Club, Topsham Road, Exeter and start at 10:30am prompt on the second Monday of the month (except if this coincides with a public holiday when the meeting will be held on a different Monday). Members' meetings are private but if you would like to attend please contact the RCEC Secretary on 01803 553691 or email

If you would like to view a list of the past meetings see our archive)

Members are very welcome to give a presentation. You can find a guide to giving online presentations at Presenter Guide

Engineering institutions occasionally host meetings in the local area. These are shown at Other Engineering meetings

Date Type Description
9 January 2023 Meeting EGCC Rodney Battey - "Stability of Ancient Structures"
13 February 2023 Meeting EGCC Peter Hill - "Delivering a soft landing on Mars"
13 March 2023 Meeting EGCC John Davidson - "Landslides"
17 April 2023 Meeting EGCC Barry Hayden - "Pyrolysis and the alternative Carbon Economy"
15 May 2023 Meeting EGCC Mike Pillidge - "The Engineer in (someone else's) Community"
12 June 2023 Meeting EGCC Richard Holladay- "A History of Garton and King, Exeter"
10 July 2023 Meeting EGCC Graham Tombs - "The Ghazi-Barotha hydropower project-North West Frontier Province of Pakistan"
14 August 2023 Meeting EGCC Alan Rosevear - "18th and 19th Century road developments"
11 September 2023 Meeting EGCC Brian Fernley - "Hunting the Hunter - USAF at Dunkeswell"
9 October 2023 Meeting EGCC Steven Pinkerton-Clark - "Innovation in Networks - National Grid"
13 November 2023 Meeting EGCC Mike Sheeham - "The Thrust Supersonic Car & Land Speed Records”
11 December 2023 Meeting EGCC John Dike - "200 yeas of Photography
11 December 2023 Lunch EGCC for Members and Guests, following the talk by John Dike

For more details of visits see emails from the visits secretary. Where appropriate the visit organiser should complete a risk assessment prior to the visit