DEBATE on 10 January 2022

This page has been created to show some of the sides and images from the January 2022 debate. The Government's 10 points are as follows:

Point 1: Advancing offshore wind
Point 2: Driving the growth of low carbon hydrogen
Point 3: Delivering new and advanced nuclear power
Point 4: Accelerating the shift to zero emission vehicles
Point 5: Green public transport, cycling and walking
Point 6: Jet zero and green ships
Point 7: Greener buildings
Point 8: Investing in carbon capture, usage and storage
Point 9: Protecting our natural environment
Point 10: Green finance and innovation

The Debate

Point 4 - zero emission vehicles - Andrew Webb spoke about his experience owning an electric car - in very positive terms. Andrew's and Geoff's slides can be seen here Andrew and Geoff's Presentation slides

Point 5 - Green public transport, cycling and walking - Peter Phillips spoke about personal experience using green transport from childhood and pointed out that electric traction has been around for 120 years. See his talk here: Peter's talk

Point 7 - Greener buildings - Geoff Pettinger. Geoff's presentation looked at the Government's initiatives for greener buildings,including heat pumps. See above for Geoff's slides.

Point 8 - Carbon capture - Barry Hayden. Barry's presentation can be seen here Barry's talk

This recent YouTube recording which looks at carbon capture is in support of Barry’s talk,"Net zero: facts, theory, and wishful thinking" given by Dr. James Dyke on 8th December 2021. The talk was arranged by the University of Exeter’s College of Life and Environmental Sciences. Try this link:

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